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Xiam, August 15th, 2015, 5:04 am
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- So, I have an idea. And it's a crazy one.

This is an attempt at a new horror series. Potentially long, but small scale. In a way.

Explanations to come, but basically... it'll be anthology-style short stories. I'm not entirely sure how I'll be sorting them, and I really was hoping to have the full chapter to upload at once, but it's been hard to get myself motivated lately.

I really hammered out the second page last night though, so I'm at least good throughout this weekend, and hopefully I'll try and get back to my old Melody & Macabre days with a page per day. Hopefully the fun creepiness of the thing will ensure I can manage this.

I haven't abandoned my other projects, but this is something I wanted to do in time for Obon (which in some places is today - happy Obon everybody).

Sadly everything would have been explained if I wasn't so damn lazy, but... sigh... we'll get to it all, I promise.

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