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Xiam, August 15th, 2015, 5:18 am
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- So here we have, by order of appearance:

Emiko, Miguel, Cass, and Hatch.

Three guesses as to which my favorite character is.

Originally there were going to be five, but I realised that a mistake I've made in the past (Gary the Alchemist, Power Rush) is that the more characters I have, the higher chance there will be at least one flat, boring character. In this case, the problem was between Miguel and another, named Lars. I decided to axe Lars to give Miguel a stronger presence.

Which doesn't seem to make much sense since they won't appear in most of these chapters except as a framing device. However, who they are will hopefully paint their stories as we go, and therefore it was important that I had more defined personalities among them.

Other troubles occurred. Particularly names. I had Hatch's name in from Day One, I don't know why but I thought Hatch was a perfect name. I'm not even sure if it's his real name or a nickname. Hatch is just Hatch.

Emiko and Cass settled in shortly thereafter, and Miguel's only came together after I got rid of Lars.

Funny thing about Emiko's name, hers is the oldest out of any of these. I had an old idea for a story back when I thought I could make a video game with no experience whatsoever - it was a boy of a strange mountain- or cloud-dwelling race of elves. When I realized it was an actual name in Japanese, I thought, "Well screw it," and just gave up on the whole thing. The story was kind of terrible anyway.

But as I was doing this I'd juggled names, struggled, and eventually pulled this one out of the ol' internal name folder. Given the concept of the series, it seemed only natural.

And one last ranting bit... geez, I'm bad at faces. Took me ages to finally settle on how they look. Cass especially was a problem, and the point where coloring I almost left her pale and gothy when I suddenly realized she looked too much like another Death. Except significantly more sullen.

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