100 Candles

Kaidan, Page 11

Xiam, August 28th, 2015, 2:22 am
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- Well... in my head it was animated and more head-on, but I think this turned out really nicely. I'm pretty happy with it. The Bubble-like spirit is almost exactly how I pictured it.

It's beautiful. And hopefully a bit spooky.

This and the last page initially had the spirit talking directly to the girl, here, but I decided to go a different way because:
A) Ghosts are often a bit wrapped up in their own troubles to notice the living anyway,
B) I think it's creepier that there's a disconnect between them, and
C) It outright had her asking if she could help, which felt a bit too brave for her. She's already being a bit bold to investigate altogether, right? I expect her to not expect she could do anything to help someone who seems in distress. Or, alternatively, she doesn't want to stick around any more than she has to.

I know I wouldn't.

(Still, maybe it going right for her screaming to go away might be more terrifying. Ah, nuts.)

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