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Xiam, September 3rd, 2015, 6:32 am
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"Oh come on, we're all thinking it." - Sorry about the continued delays, things have been kind of... ehhh... lately... and I was not looking forward to the necessary details on this page (candles, why did I want to do candles?)

Anyway, new story now! Originally I was hoping to do this with the wraparound as its own separate story (or unsorted) but apparently I can't do that and still let it remain in order of viewing? So I can't actively separate the stories from the wraparound, which means you get these folks if you want to just jump to one story or another.

But egh. Hopefully I'm writing them well enough that you don't have to angst over it.

Anyway, changed a few things for color and shading preferences, not entirely happy with the shadows on the walls but I kind of like what I've settled on for candle glow. Still a bit anxious about some of the character designs. Emiko is still hard to pin down, Miguel reminds me of a Mexican Peter, and I'm suddenly realizing that Hatch is a blend between Hiro Hamada and a character I haven't yet released yet, who incidentally looks strangely like the Imp with a beard, and also round ears, and is human. Apparently I have go-to character designs. That can't be good.

Question - since this is horror, should I update at sundown or midnight, instead of nice and sunny noontime? Or do you folks not give a damn?

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